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New World Record: The longest fastpitch softball game

From June 1st to 6th in Caronno Pertusella near Milan, Italy, an extremely interesting new World Guinness Record has been established. That is “Longest fastpitch softball game” which took place consecutively in 120 hours (the equivalent of five days). In total there were 54 players from nine countries including Bulgaria, Cuba, France, Germany, Great Britain,… Read More »

China’s Footwear Industry And The World Shoe Game

Editor’s note: In recent years, by international trade barriers, appreciation of the renminbi, raw material prices and labor shortages, and many other factors, China’s footwear industry is facing severe challenges. In this environment, the Chinese footwear industry how to keep the world’s largest shoe producing and exporting countries of the position? How to go from… Read More »

No Strangers to the Virtual Gaming World

Since their first introduction to the masses, video games have become a cultural mainstay. Games have evolved from a two-dimensional realm with unrealistic characters to three-dimensional worlds that a player can immerse himself/herself into as a character in the story. Some of the most popular games have online play in which a player can interact… Read More »

Nascar – Setting Unbelievable Trends In The Racing World

For over sixty years, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, also known as  Nascar, has been an inspiration to thousands of car enthusiasts and stock car racing fanatics. This is primarily because the association aims for setting high standards for every single driver who participates in their competitions, and anyone who succeeds in… Read More »