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Renu Bala Chanu Gave India First Gold Medal In Commonwealth Games Weightlifting

Renu Bala Chanu gave India the first gold medal in the event of the Commonwealth Games weightlifting after finishing on top of the women’s 58 kg category here at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Renu Bala overcame all the sports complex his rivals, he easily remove all the weights before the company failed in his last… Read More »

Upcoming Cars In India In 2011

Upcoming cars in India in 2011 The Indian car industry is looking forward to 2011 as yet another promising year approaches. A high growth rate of 30 per cent, has already reflected in the sales records of Indias largest four wheel manufacturing giants Tata Motors and Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Maruti Suzuki India has recently… Read More »


Impending visit of US President Barack Obama to India in November is pregnant with enthusiasm, expectations and also apprehensions by political leaders, international as well as national observers including activists, writers and intellectuals across the world. Even months before the visit is to take place spadeworks started for the international celebrity’s visit to our country.… Read More »

Triumph Speed Master and Speed Triple upcoming sports bikes in India

Triumph is a very popular two wheeler manufacturing company of United state of America is going to launch its upcoming new bikes in the automotive market of India are named as Triumph Speed Master and Triumph Speed Triple. These two bikes are just the symbol of speed and also enabled with the advanced technological features… Read More »